Custom manufacturing of exhaust systems and components

Brand do3ry® The do3ry brand deals with the custom manufacture of complete exhaust systems and their components such as exhaust mufflers, multi-chamber mufflers, resonators, polished exhaust tips and other products.

do3ry-exhaust muffler
do3ry-polished exhaust tips
do3ry-custom exhausts
do3ry-exhaust manifolds

Car tuning, engine builds a turbo builds

Brand do3ry® also deals with car tuning, engine and turbo builds.

do3ry-air suspension
do3ry-engine builds
do3ry-custom tyčky stabilizátoru
do3ry-stavba a přetěsnění motoru
do3ry-turbo builds

Aluminium welding

Brand do3ry® also deals with welding of aluminum – welding of nozzles for sensors, welding of not only engine aluminum components, custom production of intercoolers, intakes and catch tanks, welding of air conditioning pipes etc.

do3ry-aluminium welding-air intake
do3ry-aluminium welding-sahara
do3ry-aluminium welding-air condition pipes
do3ry-aluminium welding-sensor nozzle
do3ry-aluminium welding-catch tank


Under brand do3ry® you can find our nice clothing, which we make as a very good quality stuff and not just like poor merch with print. We have our own cuts and we made our clothing with all small detail which matters to us! Made in Czech!



Projects we have done and documented.

What we can do

  • Custom manufacturing of exhaust systems
  • Exhaust components manufacturing

  • Exhaust mufflers / multi-chamber mufflers manufacturing
  • Exhaust resonators manufacturing
  • Exhaust tips manufacturing
  • Exhaust manifolds manufacturing
  • Aluminium intercooler manufacture
  • Catch tank manufacturing
  • Aluminium intake manufacture
  • Air suspensions Accuair / Airlift
  • Engine builds
  • Engine refurbishment
  • Turbo builds
  • Performance parts
  • Welding aluminium
  • Welding of stainless steel
  • Welding titanium
  • If you read it till here, you got sticker :)

Who are we?

The do3ry® [dobrý] brand was founded at the beginning of 2016, when we started with a clothing – at that time, it was our intention to combine the brand with something that we fully devote and what we love – with cars.

We started with one table in space about 3×2 meters. We have been moving forward more and more, so that space has become really small, so things started moving and we opened a workshop in Prague. But it was not that easy – finding a place in Prague is sometimes superfluous, but eventually, after 7 months of searching, we succeeded. Unfortunately we only lasted about 2 months in the new workshop, because owners did not want to do things that we had in the contract and so we had to move out again and search continued. Finally, we managed to find and get space so the do3ry® brand settled down.

Our main target is the manufacture of exhaust systems and their components such as end mufflers, resonators, exhaust tips, manifolds, etc. – all made of high quality polished 1.4301 stainless steel.

We also deal with car modifications, engine builds, air suspensions, turbo-builds and others.

Last but not least, we are focusing on aluminum welding and associated production of intakes, air lines, intercoolers, and so on.

good? No….be do3ry®!


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